The Van Mildert rent guarantee is a simple product which pays rent in the event of a tenant defaulting, and also covers any legal expenses required to evict a tenant who refuses to leave.

By ordering a Rent Guarantee to go with a new tenancy, you're achieving the ultimate in peace of mind and professional diligence.

For the control of risk on a managed property portfolio, as well as attracting new landlords to your agency, offering our comprehensive rent guarantee is an excellent decision.

It's for this reason that Rent Guarantees are a normal feature of new tenancies through the best agents, and we and they remain a vital selling point for agents offering managed services to their landlords.

Our product is paperless and instant, and is flexible in the ways you, as an agent, can deliver it to your clients. It can be ordered with a single click when you reference your tenants, or later on with equal simplicity.

You can include it as part of your service, or offer it to landlords as an optional extra, and we're happy to assist either way.