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We've thought of every way to save you time

Referencing providers talk a lot about service, different approach, or even turning the industry on it's head. Then their clients end up describing them as "fine", "not bad" or "better than the last company we used".

Van Mildert goes further. We take steps every day to ensure service and efficiency are a reality for our customers. Below are some of the features that make our client's jobs easier.

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We've forged strategic partnerships with software providers to save you from having to type or write anything. We work closely with Equifax to obtain the best credit data we can, and offer a Direct Debit service to help streamline your accounting.

If you don't use one of our software partners

Using our website to order and track references is quick and easy. Our ordering form is short and to the point, our tracking page is self-explanatory yet detailed, and everything updates itself in real time.

With minimum fuss you can add guarantors, cancel unwanted references, email us about a case, check your invoices or make internal notes on cases, and much more.

We know you have a thousand things to do, so we've made sure that doing anything with us will be as quick as possible.


If you already use one of our software partners

You can order references without having to type anything onto our ordering form. It literally takes 2 to 3 seconds.

Then when you want to know what's going on with it, one more click (no logging in required) and the tracking page comes up within your existing software.

ReapIT • Jupix • VTUK Gemini • Acquaint • CFP • Dezrez • Veco
Gnomen • Expert Agent • LetMC • CML Software • Qube

There is no easier or quicker way to order and track tenant references than via our integrated referencing services.


Fantastic Case Tracking

Fantastic tenant referencing case tracing

Detailed notes, updated in real time, let you know exactly what we're doing with each case.

You can see which of our staff is handling the job, what has and hasn't been done yet, what's been said on the phone and what we're planning to do in the next day or two to wrap the job up. You'll always be in the know.

Clear Final Reports

Clear tenant referencing final reports

A manually typed final report with a detailed, common-sense description of the applicant's situation. We won't provide you with cryptic reports or miss details out - you'll have all the information laid out in plain English.

All the useful facts about affordability, credit data, address verification etc are easy to understand and thoughtfully presented.

Multi-Branch Features

Multi-Branch tenant referencing features

If you're a multi-branch agency we have a vast suite of features just for you.

Branches can order references to be managed by a head office, staff can assign jobs to themselves or others, multiple accounts can be managed by a head account which can approve/cancel individual references, and view all office's invoices.

Approve each tenant before you're committed - if you want to.

As soon as you book a reference in we start chasing the applicant to get their online referencing form filled in. The moment they do, we can, at your discretion, automatically send the form back to you for approval before we commit you to paying for the reference.

We can do this for all references automatically, or just if certain criteria are met - for example, if the applicant declares they are dependant upon benefits, or has pets, you can check their form over before you proceed to the full reference.

Our Rent Guarantee is just as good too...

As if the quickest, easiest and most thoughtful referencing system wasn't enough, we've extended the same efficiency and care to our Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses insurance products too. We offer the usual array of policy choices - various lengths with and without excess - as well as more unusual setups like a fully bespoke block policy system.

Customer service to put a smile on your face...

When you ring our referencing team your phone number is recognised and you skip the queue (if there is one). When an agent answers, your list of jobs is in front of them already - you can launch straight into your query without fuss. If you need something changed or added your account manager has direct access to our IT team, as do you.


Our website — Your form.

We've made it possible for you to set the questions we ask on our online form. Want to know the breed and age of the applicant's pets, or whether they need to park a car at the property? You can input your terms and conditions too. Using this feature it's possible to eliminate your paper application forms from the application process all together.

We'll even do your documents

Once we've collected all the information needed for referencing - names, addresses, NI numbers, etc - we can save you even more time by automatically prefilling your Microsoft Word documents - for example ASTs, landlord letters, tenant intro packs - with all the required details. No more copying and pasting marathons for each new tenancy.

Have a bespoke requirement?

We pride ourselves on our many varied and useful features. Most of these were developed in response to client requests. If there's something you need which we don't have, ask us and we'll add it. Whether it's a minor tweak to your Final Reports or a new field on your ordering form, we'll cater for your bespoke requirements.

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