We are constantly contacted by referencing companies, I have been around long enough to know that, despite their promises, they are pretty much all the same. However, our software provider introduced us to Van Mildert and I thought it was worth a look because of the integration link they had with Van Mildert. I am delighted we tried it. Ordering is easy, service standards are amazing and their team are proactive and intelligent. We didn't realise we had been wasting so much time on admin with our previous provider. My staff are happier and have more time for their real work.
Lyndon Bent, Bradleys Estate Agents | 29 branches, South East England
As a one branch agent it is so important to be efficient. We recognised the time staff spent on admin and were looking at improving our supply chain to change this. We switched to Van Mildert and the time saving during the referencing process was obvious immediately. In addition they have some great document generator features which enables us to prefill tenancy agreements and letters - saving more time. The landlord lead generation feature is also fantastic - 4 of my 10 biggest landlords have come from this feature in Van Mildert!
Nick Manson, mansons | 1 branch, North East England
We thought our solution to having a head-office management team, and lettings negotiators spread over a 75 mile radius, was well thought out. What we hadn't known about previously Van Mildert's brilliant multi-branch features, which have helped us to save time, prevent mistakes and streamline processes. The bespoke nature of their service for businesses like ours is brilliant.
Hugh Morris, Thomas Morris Lettings | 9 branches, Cambridgeshire
For us, the main benefit of Van Mildert is to finally get intelligence and clarity from a referencing company. We've tried so many and got jaded by their formulaic, uninformative final reports - Van Mildert's work is a breath of fresh air.
Andrew Bland, Pygott & Crone, 14 branches, Lincolnshire
We used to spend 3-4 days per month preparing a block policy declaration for our 500 managed properties; Then Van Mildert reduced that to an hour. Is there any better service than saving us four days a month?
Wendy Wood, Manning Stainton | 14 branches, Leeds
We manage thousands of properties so consistency and efficiency are vital for us. We need a referencing provider who does everything they can, every day, on every case. Van Mildert do this so we don't waste time chasing them. Van MIldert has enabled us to manage more lets with the same number of staff and still provide a great service to our landlords.
Jacqui Pringle, Eddisons | 10 branches, Nationwide
I generally thought referencing takes as long as it takes - but as soon as we started using Van Mildert things seemed to start coming back quicker. A quick glance at their case notes reveals why - Their staff are fanatical. Their work rate and proactivity is exactly what we need in our busy offices where we can't afford the time to check up on our suppliers.
Chris Hope, Dawsons | 5 branches, South Wales
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