It's important that tenants are adequately insured when renting property from you. This is not purely for their benefit - our tenants insurance policy is comprehensive in that it covers the landlords furniture as well as the tenants belongings.

This can prove to be extremely important in the event of the tenant damaging furniture or fittings beyond the value of their deposit, and can avoid disputes and financial loss for both landlord and tenant.

Furthermore, the design of the policy, which is specifically intended to tenants, means that they will receive great value but also excellent service in the event of a claim.

Receipts are unneccessary for damaged items and the cover is extensive, and even insures the tenant whilst they move home (eg whilst transporting goods), giving your tenant the best possible chance of having a happy tenancy whilst renting from you.

By offering this fantastic product to your tenants you are not only protecting yourself, your landlord and your tenant from accidents, burgalary, theft, fire and so-forth, but you are also offering the complete service and sound advice that can be expected of the best letting agents.