If you're applying to move into a new rented home, most responsible letting agents will order a reference check on you. This is nothing to worry about — it's the agent's job to perform some basic checks to make sure you're not using a fraudulent identity and that you're roughly in the right area financially to pay the rent on time.

This is important to the agent as they need to offer to the landlord only tenants who are likely to cause no problems.

Around 95% of reference checks come back totally fine. You'll need to fill in a form and disclose a range of information, for example previous addresses and employment details, but it shouldn't take long and generally there's nothing to worry about.

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but we normally aim for about a 24 hour turnaround.

Once you've filled in your application form we will perform a range of checks including verifying your employment (where applicable), retrieving your credit score, etc. Once we've collected all of this information, assuming everything checks out okay, we'll send a positive result back to your letting agent and they can start the process of moving you in to your new property.